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Do’s and Don’ts of Hair Extensions

As with any other hair regimen, hair extensions have their own dos and don’ts that you should follow to maintain them at their best. Below are some tips on what you should and should not do to your extensions. Some of these tips also apply to natural hair.


  • Treat your hair extensions well

hairstyles, beauty tips, sexy looks, hair care, beauty careJust like your natural hair, extensions will last longer if you treat them well. When styling your extensions, use a good hair brush for brushing your extensions from scalp to ends. Brush and comb them gently, apply and remove them carefully, and utilize enhancement products such as conditioner and hair spray. Always separate the extensions using your fingers to gently remove any tangles, especially in the scalp area.

Before you wash it, be sure to brush then sort your hair well. Gently shampoo the extensions, while taking care to avoid rubbing the extension strands against each other. Thoroughly and immediately dry the extension bonding points. Wrap them in a satin scarf before going to bed. Because certain extensions can be rather expensive, you want to get value for your money by using them as long as possible.

  • Make a good choice

Just because extensions are fake, doesn’t mean they should look as such. Unless you are going to a costume party, try and avoid extensions in bold rainbow colors. Where possible, try the extensions on before you buy them. Think about how well they complement your skin tone and lifestyle. Don’t just assume that the wig on the window display mannequin will look just as fabulous on you.

  • Express yourself

Healthy skin, skin care products, natural skin products, beautiful skin, skin health,Buy Brazilian Hair, Peruvian hair, Human hair, Weave & wig online - HAIRPLEGo for hair extensions that will reveal your personality to the world. Choose extensions that reflect you or your lifestyle. And once you find the right extensions, be sure to style them in a unique way. It may not be fun bumping into someone wearing the exact same extensions in the exact same style as you.


  • Neglect your natural hair

Even as you enjoy dressing up your extensions, do not forget that your natural hair is underneath. When you wear, apply and remove the extension, do not be rough with your hair. To respect the extensions but disrespect your natural hair will cause the latter to break off.

  • Pretend it’s real

There’s no shame in wearing extensions. Even the ancient Egyptians wore extensions on their hair. The problem only comes in when you pretend that the amazing creation on your head is as a result of good genes. Be honest both with yourself and with everyone else. If someone asks, be upfront, and if they like it, tell them where they can buy them.

  • Keep the extensions on too long

With time, all the washing, drying and styling will take its toll on your extensions. A shadow of their former selves, the extensions will take on a worn out appearance. This is when you have to throw them out and avoid embarrassing yourself. While in between extensions, you may wear your natural Afro and look great too.

  • Neglect the extensions

For the first month, avoid washing or brushing upside down. This is because the attachments are still new and it could be torn out. Do not rub the extensions to towel dry them, but instead squeeze out the excess water. Avoid using a flat or curling iron at the bond points, and instead begin just below the bond point.

Always aim to protect your natural hair, while fully enjoying your investment by getting your money’s worth. Follow these tips and you should be able to maintain your extensions looking fantastic for longer.


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How To Care for Hair Extensions

How well you take care of your hair extensions will have an impact on how long they last and how good they look. When having the extensions done, your hairstylist should be able to advice you on how to maintain them in the best possible condition. Always follow the instructions they provide for maintaining your extensions. Below is a look at some of the basic tips for keeping hair extensions beautiful for longer.

Caring For Hair Extensions

  1. Washing

hair extensions, brazilian hair, beauty tips,Keep both your hair and scalp clean. When there is build up of dirt and sweat on the scalp, this causes the hair to tangle. Wash with a good quality shampoo and then condition your hair. Consult your hairstylist on the best products to use on your hair extensions. Before you shampoo the hair, detangle it first from the ends to the roots. Next, wash the hair gently in a downward motion from their roots to the ends. Avoid rubbing as this could cause the hair to get tangled up. Once done, thoroughly rinse the hair. Ensure that it is clean before using a hair conditioner.

Condition your hair extensions after every wash. Remember that the extensions do not get the natural oils from your scalp. Avoid applying conditioner in the root area or close to the attachments as this could loosen the bonds and make the extensions fall out. Gently dry your hair by moving the towel in a downward motion from the roots to the ends, without rubbing. Detangle the hair gently. After getting hair extensions it is advisable to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair.

  1. Styling

It’s best to avoid heat when styling your hair extensions. Heat is one of the biggest enemies of hair extensions, as it tends to reduce their life span. Allow your hair to dry naturally and try to avoid the use of flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers.

136244417, hair extensions, brazilian hairWhen brushing, use a special brush for hair extensions, which is typically a soft bristle brush. It is best to begin with the ends of the hair and once all tangles are out, work your way up gently. Always brush the hair in a downward motion, a few times a day.

  1. Products

hair extensions, brazilian hair, Use a good leave-in conditioner that will keep the hair soft. But avoid using too much product as this could lead to build up. Also avoid hair products that contain alcohol as this tends to dry the hair. Consult your hair stylist on the safest styling products to use on your extensions.

  1. Sleeping

Never sleep with wet hair. Ensure that the hair extensions are completely dry before you go to bed. Make a habit of tying your extensions together in a ponytail to prevent it from getting tangled.

  1. Exercise

Swimming is fine, just as long as you don’t expose your hair to salt or chlorine water for long periods of time, as this may cause it to mat up and tangle. It is recommended that you always wear a swim cap or wear your hair up to keep it out of the water, and thereafter shampoo and condition your hair immediately after swimming. It is generally a good idea to wear your hair in a ponytail or up during exercise.

hair extensions, brazilian hair, Synthetic hair extensions are handled pretty much in the same way as human hair extensions. In fact, the high quality fiber hair tends to behave more like natural human hair than the low quality fiber hair. Just as with human hair extensions, it is important to follow the instructions of your hairstylist on how to best maintain them.

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Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Dreadlocks are a beautiful way of wearing African hair naturally, and there are many ways to style them. The great thing about dreadlocks is that you are able to wear them in a wide variety of hairstyles including buns, Mohawks and up-sweeps.

Be sure to consult a loctician to determine the best dreading method for your hair type. A loctician is a professional hair stylist who is specifically trained to assess, begin, maintain, style, repair and protect dreadlocks throughout your locking journey. Below is a look at some of the common methods of locking African hair today.

Types of Dreadlocks

  1. Comb Coils

Comb coils are a beautiful natural style which when left alone can form some great looking dreadlocks. This is usually done by a professional loctician. The hair is neatly parted to the desired size using a small tooth comb and then twisted into sections using a small-toothed comb. Ensure that all coils go in the same direction. The current trend is to use oils and/ or water based products to lubricate the dreads and thereafter clip each one into place before allowing them to dry. While these sections can be very tidy, they tend to unravel more easily than other methods when they get wet.

  1. Palm Rolled

Palm rolling is another procedure which is typically carried out by a loctician. To begin, the hair is first sectioned and then rolled between the palms using a gel. This method is the most likely to come undone during the beginning stages and is therefore suitable for thicker afro hair. Have your dreadlocks interlocked if palm rolling becomes inconvenient. When you interlock your hair, you get to enjoy a neater appearance that may last longer than palm rolling.

  1. Braids

In this method, you begin by installing small box braids and then let them get fuzzed over. You may then palm roll the braids to look like dreadlocks. The subsequent new growth can thereafter be twisted or palm-rolled into actual dreadlocks. Once the new growth has locked, you may cut off your starter braids. This method is great to use on very soft afro hair that is loosely coiled as it makes for an easy way to acquire dreadlocks.

  1. Organic/ Neglect

This entails allowing hair to separate and mat as it pleases and is the typical way in which traditional Rastafarians achieve their dreadlocks. When you leave your hair uncombed over a period of several weeks, it will lock on its own. In this method, all you do is wash your hair, shake it and leave it, for the sections to form on their own, without any control or manipulation. As your hair grows, you may separate the dreadlocks into smaller sections, or just leave them to grow into large dreadlocks as desired.

  1. Finger Twisting

In this method, sectioned hair is twisted around using beeswax, a gel or just plain oil and water. Groups of new twists are then pinned together to prevent them from unraveling.

  1. Sisterlocks

A highly skilled loctician will be aware of this method for locking hair, which involves precision parting grids to form four hundred easily styled dreadlocks. You will require a specialized tool to place the hair strands into a locking formation that is tight. Sisterlocks don’t require the use of any gels or waxes when locking hair.

  1. Two-Strand Twists

This method works just as the name suggests – 2 strands of hair are twisted together and kept twisted until they start to lock. Many people use a gel to get this process going. They then twirl the hair at the end around a finger to curl or coil it up.

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How to Cure Itchy Dry Scalp – Dandruff

How to deal with dandruff and itchy dry scalp

Do you see an infestation of whitish brownish oily-looking flakes of dead skin decorating your shoulders each time you run your hand through your hair? Dry itchy scalp is a result of lack of nutrients and hair food on your scalp. This will result in a lot of dead skin tissue and cells and come off as dandruff. There are certain shampoos that you can use to wash the itch off, but it will definitely be back a couple of hours after washing your hair. You need to know the causes of dandruff in order to know how to deal with an itchy dry scalp.

In order to understand how to deal with an itchy dry scalp, it might be important to first understand what causes dandruff as this is the component that makes your skin dry and itchy. Naturally, hair follicles are responsible for the production of sebum. Sebum is oil found at the base of the hair follicles since this is oil; it’s always moist and wet. Theories suggest that this might be the breeding ground for yeast or fungus. There is a certain amount of fungus which is a healthy fungus and recommended to be on your head. When the fungus exceeds that limit, it leads to dandruff. The other factors that can lead to dandruff include being exposed to a lot of dry air. This often is the case after washing your hair with factory shampoos and not oiling your scalp. As a result of the dry scalp, itchy sensations will follow and the dry scalp will flake out and look like dandruff.

When does dry itchy scalp season begin? In most cases, people tend to suffer itchy dry skin when it’s cold. However, for individuals with skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema dry itchy scalp can be an all around the year problem. This is when you will need to know what to use in order to deal with this condition and relieve the feeling of wanting to scratch so badly.

Besides the hair care and treatment methods, you need to also focus on your hair care techniques, maybe there might be a need to focus on and change the way you look after your hair. There are some hair coloring and styling products which are too strong and will damage your scalp. These products will leave a flaky and dry residue which will be itchy. The other reason why you might be having dry itchy scalp is because you might not be washing your hair very often. When your hair follicles produce sebum and the sebum builds up, it needs to be reduced. The best way to do this is by having a hair wash day on a frequent basis. You need to wash your hair on a regular basis. However, you will need to use natural hair washing remedies in order to avoid damaging and sensitizing your scalp through the use of some harsh chemical products.

You can wash your hair with shampoos that contain natural extracts. These include the following;

  • Tea tree oil- tea tree oil has been used for years and years and has no side effects. It will get rid of all the itchiness on your scalp and leave your scalp feeling fresh. Tea tree oil shampoo will also reduce the amount of dandruff on your head.
  • Aloe – the presence of aloe in a shampoo will result on reduced scaliness and get rid of all itchiness. The best part is that you can grow aloe for yourself in a flower pot and use some of it whenever you wash your hair.
  • Lemongrass – this ingredient in hair washing shampoo will help give your scalp a chance to fight off any fungus thus helps get rid of any itchiness. Lemongrass is also responsible for a refreshed feeling on your scalp after wash day. This makes it a shampoo of choice because nothing beats the feeling of freshness after a hair wash.
  • Castor oil – although most people don’t know the power of using castor oil lined shampoo, this doesn’t mean that it’s not powerful. Castor oil contains natural antibacterial agents that will get rid of fungi and is rich with Vitamin E, minerals, Omega 6 and 9, fatty acids and proteins. This makes castor oil the go to hair wash product all the time.


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The Best Face Wash Tips

Face wash tips

Most people keep a first look impression. The face, if no makeup is used, and clothes are what most people see on first approach. In most cases, clothes can easily be forgotten but faces are always left vividly imprinted in people’s minds. This means that you have to take care of your face and make sure that your face looks as great as possible can. This can be achieved by having a regular and proper face wash. Below are some of the best washing techniques that you can use every day to wash your face.

When it comes to washing your face, it comes down to 2 options, either using the traditional water and soap wash or using the facial care products that come as a range. The facial care products include (but are not limited to), lotions, oils, wipes, scrubs, forming mousses and exfoliators. There is just so much going on that you have to find the best for your face, without makeup. When you find the best products for taking care of your skin, you have to continually use them and religiously wash your face, without makeup.

Washing your face, without makeup doesn’t have to be done only once a day when you wash your body. You can wash your face up to 2 times a day and you will achieve a great look with a refreshed skin.

If you are one of those who really don’t know how to wash their faces, then you might just need help. Here are some tips and secrets that you can use when washing your hair.

Following these steps will result in a clean and clear face, without makeup after the wash routine:

  1. The first step is to wash your hands. There are a lot of bacteria and fungi usually logged under your nails and this needs to be washed off so that you don’t infect your skin while trying to wash it.
  2. Using lukewarm water, wet your face, without makeup. Try as much as possible not to use face cloths or makeup sponges as they might be too strong and damage your skin.
  3. Check that your washer, (liquid, gel or soap) does not contain any alcohol as alcohol can be abrasive and hurt your skin. Use the cleanser and apply it generally all over your face, without makeup, avoiding your eyes.
  4. Continue to spread the cleanser all over your face, without makeup, and behind your ears and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Using a soft dry towel, pat it dry, don’t rub it but gentle pat it dry.
  5. Apply your moisturizer making sure that you don’t pull your skin too tight as you might just damage the skin tissues.

If you follow this routine, it’s easier to include your toning and scrubbing processes. You can use the toner after rinsing your face, without makeup, off with lukewarm water. Apply some drops of your favorite toner to a sponge and gentle move the makeup sponge in wave-like motions all over your face, without makeup. This can be done every time you wash your face, without makeup. If you want to scrub your face, you can use your facial makeup scrub after step 1. Just make sure that your face, without makeup, is not too dry so that you can scrub it without peeling it off. Use facial makeup scrubs with fruits and other natural products. These will directly feed and nourish your skin cells.

The don’ts of face washing

  • Don’t pick out the wrong face makeup care products. Skin types are different; you should not expect to have excellent results while using a range for normal skin type on oily skin type
  • Don’t overdo your washing procedure. Wash your face up to 2 times a day. Anything above that is now overdoing it and you will be abusing your skin cells. Your skin needs a break from the face washing products in order to have a fighting chance.
  • Don’t use hot water when washing your face, without makeup. Your facial skin is very sensitive and you should only use lukewarm water. Even in winter, lukewarm water will effectively cleanse your face without scalding it.
  • Don’t over-exfoliate. The maximum number of times that one should use exfoliators in face washing routines is up to 2 times a week. Exfoliating is necessary for getting rid of dead skin cells; however, overdoing it will result in the death of your skin cells since there won’t be any dead skin cells to get rid of.
  • Don’t close the water before you have thoroughly rinsed all the cleanser off your face. This is one of the mistakes that people usually overlook. Take your time when washing your face, without makeup and get it right every time.
  • Don’t use the towel to rub your face, without makeup. This will tug your skin and mess it up. If you feel like rubbing so much just use your hands and gently pat your face.




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Top 10 Hair Care Tips – Top Hairstyles

Top 10 hair care tips for summer

Summertime is the best time for you to visit friends, family and whoever you want to go and see. At times, there won’t be enough time in between swimming and hiking for you to be able to take care of your hairstyle. Fortunately for you, we have compiled the 10 best hair tips to see you through summer with strong real; thick and well-nourished hair. These tips can be used effectively at home and you won’t even need help taking care of your hair. Caring for hair in summer has never been this easy.

     #1 Well-balanced diet

Eating is one of those natural processes. You don’t need to think twice about eating. If the food is there and you have an appetite then it’s certain that you will indulge. Caring for your hairstyle starts in your diet. A healthy and well-balanced diet will not only nourish your body but also your hairstyle, nails, and brain. So don’t be shy to eat your protein, carbs and mineral packed meals as these will help take care of your hairstyle while you take care of summer.

      #2 Apple Cider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar to take care of hair is not a new trick. The best apple cider vinegar is the pure form also known as; Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother. Apple cider vinegar is very flexible and can help take care of any hair problem from oily to dry to lusterless hairstyle. You can use your good old laundry soap and apple cider vinegar in place of shampoo. That’s how good it is.

      #3 The Baking Soda miracle working treatment

You never thought that you could be able to use your baking soda outside the kitchen? Well, you can use baking soda to wash the greasiness out of your hair. You need to be careful and mix the baking soda with the right amount of lukewarm water. Too much of it might be bad for your hairstyle, so be careful.

      #4 Olive Oil Treatment

Nothing beats the good old olive when it comes to taking care of hair. The olive oil treatment is best used when your hairstyle is stringy and dry with split ends. It can be used as an everyday solution for your hair, so don’t be shy to buy a bottle for your kitchen and another for your hairstyle.

      #5 Amla hairstyle therapy

In order for you to be able to avoid a dry itchy scalp this summer, you must make an investment and get yourself a bottle of this Ayurvedic herbal oil. Amla oil helps to bring dry hair back to life almost instantly. It can be used straight after washing your hairstyle with Apple cider vinegar or baking soda.

      #6 Egg treatment

Who says eggs are only good for omelets? You can use egg yolk to make a hair mask for your hairstyle this summer. Eggs are rich in protein and your hair needs proteins in order to grow and be naturally healthy, thick and full. Applying this protein factor directly to your hair might sound gross but it will be worth it in the end.

      #7 Honey glaze

After a soulful swimming session, you can rinse the chlorine off your hairstyle and apply honey over your wet hairstyle. The honey will help to protect the hair from further damage and strengthen it from the roots to the tips.

      #8 Almond oil hair strengthener

Almond oil doesn’t only work miracles on your skin but also works wonders on your hairstyle. Almond oil is rich in Vitamins A, B and E. This makes it healthy and pretty useful for hairstyle. There are several uses of almond oil for hair and these include;

  • Nourishment for long, healthy hair
  • Getting rid of dandruff
  • Adds gloss to the hairstyle
  • Prevents heat ailments from the heat of dryers, flat irons, and the sun

      #9 Pour beer on your hair for salon smooth hair

Yes, that’s right; a glass of beer can go a long way. After washing your hair, you can untangle it by running your fingers through it and then pour beer on your hair. Leave the beer on for at least 30 minutes. When you wash it off, your hair will be silky smooth, even better than the salon effect.

      #10 Wicked concoction to deal with your sun damaged hair

You can mix apple cider vinegar, egg, honey and olive oil and use as a hair wax after a day out in the sun. Believe you me, this wicked mix will straighten out your hairstyle and nourish it all at once.


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Top 10 Hair Style and Shampoo Products

The hair style and shampoo products

Washing your hair can become a nightmare if you don’t know how to do it or what to use. Many hair style and shampoo products will wash your hair but leave it dry and thin. You need to know which hair style and shampoo products will work and only use trustworthy hair style and shampoo products that are either natural or host natural extracts. There are a lot of hair style and shampoo products and they all work fine, it just depends with the type of hair that you have. This makes it important for you to know the kind of hair you have and use the best hair style and shampoo products for your hair type.

Natural substances

  • Castor oil – this is one of the best remedies for hair growth and thickness. Castor oil contains natural antibacterial and antifungal agents. Thus, a castor oil containing shampoo will get rid of any breeding grounds on your scalp. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid which is very beneficial for both your hair gloss and skin radiance. In addition to this, castor oil also has proteins which are the building block in hair.
  • Shea butter – this ingredient is used to be very helpful for dry and damaged hair. Raw Shea butter helps with moisture retention as well cleansing of the hair. The best part is that hair shampoo with Shea butter doesn’t need the addition of any sulfates in it.
  • Aloe Vera – the presence of aloe which is a plant extract brings a lot of benefits which your hair will love. The ability of the plant to return and keep the hair even in the desert makes it perfect to be used in your hair. Shampoos with aloe vera will help to return your hair’s pH levels, get rid of dandruff, expedite hair cellular growth, and regeneration and soothe your scalp.
  • Tea tree oil – this magic oil is gentle and doesn’t have any chemicals therefore it works miracles on your head at no extra cost. Using a tea tree oil based shampoo will leave your hair not only smelling and looking great but moisturized and nourished from the follicles to the tips. Tea tree oil also fights off fungi and viruses off your scalp and leaves you refreshed.
  • Argan oil – this magic oil is an extract from the argan tree and has a lot of beneficial effects for your hair. Argan oil seals and locks the luster shine in your hair locks and completes the perfect look. If you use an argan oil based shampoo, you are sure to have full thick hair that’s well-nourished and soft to the touch.

Polymers in shampoos

  • Zinc pyrithione which is responsible for the attacks on the excess fungi which is not healthy for any scalp. Fungi are one of the factors that might be responsible for flaky scalp and dandruff.
  • Selenium sulfide is a great hair product as it slows down the buildup of dead skin cells and also helps to fight fungi. Having a sulfide containing hair shampoo will help to thoroughly wash the hair and the scalp at the same time.
  • Ketoconazole is responsible for the elimination of fungi which causes dandruff. Therefore, if a shampoo includes ketoconazole, you are assured that your wash day will be worth it.
  • Tar is a strong substance not only in external factories but in the hair industry. A shampoo with tar will help slow down dead tissue buildup. The only side effect of having such a shampoo is that it might result in hair color loss or subsequent graying of hair with continued use.
  • Salicylic acid in a shampoo will ensure that all flaky skin falls off during the wash session. However, just like tar, it also has a side effect and this is the fact that it might result in an itchier scalp after wash day.

If you are going shampoo shopping then you can look for shampoos that have either one of the 5 polymer based substances listed in this article. However, the best for your hair is always to take care of it with natural hair style and shampoo products. The hair style and shampoo products listed above are part and parcel of the best hair style and shampoo products. There are instances when you can even mix any 2 of the above substances and wash your hair using the mixture. The result will be strong beautiful hair without being subjected to chemicals. As for your scalp, it will be well taken care of and left fresh and free from any bacterial and fungal infections.



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The Best Diet For Perfect Hair

Best Food for Best Hair

Having the perfect natural hair is possible. It’s not only Brazilian and Malaysian ladies who were blessed with the power to have 100% bouncy and wavy hair. The trick is knowing what to eat, how to eat and how to take care of your natural hair – the correct diet. Your natural hair just needs to be taken care of, fed, cleaned and nourished. If only you care for your hair just as much as you care for your weaves and wigs. The list below has substantial diets for you to start with. Having these as your backbone will not only result in a healthy body but also long and healthy hair and nails.

  • Whole food diet

This is the best diet filled with an abundance of low-density fats, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, and protein. A whole food diet means that you will be maximizing your intake of nutrients obtained from natural sources. As a result, you are avoiding preservatives and additives found in processed foods. Following a whole food diet plan means that your meals will consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts as well as animal products like cheese, eggs, salmon, and poultry.  These foods are as close to their natural form as possible and your hair follicles will get all the fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Your body will have time to digest this food and because it’s not all junk processed food, there is no fat stored up in your belly so you don’t have to worry about putting on weight unnecessarily.

  • Protein rich foods

Proteins are the best component of a balanced diet. Proteins are the building block not only for your body but the hair too. Having approximately 25% of proteins with every intake will ensure that there are enough proteins to strengthen your hair from the shaft thereby reducing the rate at which hair breaks off, falls off and develops split ends. The texture and quality of the hair are also strengthened resulting in a lustrous full head. You can get yourself proteins from various foods such as Salmon, shrimp, lean beef, bacon, and eggs.

  • Vitamin C

This vitamin is responsible for your hair color and growth. Having a diet that includes vitamin C will increase chances of you having strong thick and beautiful hair without any split ends. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and helps to promote cell growth and reparation of tissue. Hair tissues are repaired by Vitamin C almost instantly if there are any damages from the sun or too much heat. Vitamin C diet includes foods from citrus fruits, brussel sprouts, red papers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

  • Minerals

Minerals like Iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc are very essential for the growth, maintenance, reparation and upkeep of healthy and beautiful hair.  Iron helps to carry oxygen to your hair thereby ensuring that your hair has enough oxygen and, therefore, able to properly breathe. You can take iron supplements if eating dark green leafy vegetables and whole grains don’t give you enough iron.  Magnesium is one of the building blocks underlying hair growth. It promotes the growth of strong and healthy hair. Foods rich in magnesium include leafy green vegetables, dairy products, and nuts. Potassium works mostly to transfer nutrients to your hair cells, eating ripe bananas is a great way of getting a healthy supply of potassium. Zinc is the main component in hair protein. It, therefore, promotes hair growth by improving immunity to the hair. Foods rich in zinc include pumpkin and sunflower seeds, legumes, mushrooms and spinach.

Eating right and taking care of your hair will help you keep your hair strong and healthy. In addition to these diets, you need to keep a strong and positive attitude, let your body know that you love yourself just the way you are and you are determined to have great hair. The right attitude will take you far.








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Top 7 Natural Skin Care Products

Best Natural skin care products

A healthy glowing skin is possible, with the right products to maintain it and a deep cleansing routine once a week. In order to have the best natural skin, with just the right elasticity and an even skin tone, you need to work for it by using the most affordable products near you. The best products to use are natural products and you don’t even have to go out of your way in order to get your hands on these.

Green tea

If you’re already drinking green tea, you know the many benefits that come with it. You can use your green tea to take care of your face in several ways.

  • Early morning facial cleanser for a glowing face the whole day
  • Out from the sun? Use green tea to wash your face and you will have great skin elasticity soon after
  • You can use a tea bag of green tea as a facial cleanser. Just take a steamy hot teabag and rub it all over your face until it cools down
  • Use it as a facial steam

Apple cider face skin cleanser

There are a lot of benefits about having a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar in your house. You can use apple cider vinegar as a facial cleanser. You just need to take a clean face cloth and dab it with some vinegar. Gently rub your face every day for at least 14 days and you will start seeing a difference. The vinegar lightens all blemishes and gets rid of any blackheads leaving you spotlessly clean.

Lemon and yogurt whisked into fresh face mask

This magical citrus is not only wonderful for lemonades. Lemon extracts work to get rid of the excess fat under your pores therefore giving you an even matte finish. Mixing lemon and yogurt is a perfect combination. You can mix 1 full lemon and 150ml of yogurt; apply on your face as a mask. Leaving this mixture on for about 30 minutes will give it enough time to get rid of the excess fat while leaving your skin nourished with the yogurt ingredients. The lemon and yogurt face mask

Egg yolk and clay face mask

Have you ever wondered why in all images of Egyptian royalties their faces look amazing? Even after years and years of having their history passed down from generation to generation; their beauty is always preserved. This is because the Egyptians used the egg yolk and clay found naturally on the banks of the Nile to make a face mask. You can make your own egg yolk and clay face mask. There is Egyptian clay for sale at pharmacies but if you can’t afford this, you can try using any black or red clay that you can find around you. Mix the clay and York into a thick paste and apply onto your face and leave for a minimum of 15 minutes. You will love the results.


This magic oil is not only welcomed by those in the hair industry. Do you have an acne prone skin? Do you react to just about anything that you apply to your face? Then maybe it’s about time you gave jojoba oil a try. You can find jojoba in a lot of different facial products such as face oils, moisturizers, face wash and even face scrubs.  Jojoba is an extract from a desert shrub and works miracles even on the driest of skins.

Sugar and Shea exfoliating mixture

This is a mixture of brown sugar and Shea butter. The formidable combination results in a nourishing and rich moisturizer. The Shea-Sugar skin cleanser and exfoliator boasts an insumable amount of beeswax and is all natural extracts and very healthy for your skin.

Argan oil

Hailing from the heart of Morocco, argan oil is a natural substrate from the kennels of the argan tree. Most people refer to argan oil as pure “liquid oil” because of its versatile uses. You can use argan oil as a face moisturizer after cleaning your face in the morning. The oil can also be used as a hydrating toner just by adding a few drops of the oil to your toner. The hydrating effect comes from the essential fatty acids found in the argan seeds.  Argan oil can also be used as a lip scrub. You can apply a few drops to your fingertips and gently massage into dry chapped and cracked lips and the dead skin cells will give way to new healthy skin cells.


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The Ultimate Top 10 Beauty Tips

Top 10 beauty tips for summer

Summer time is undoubtable the best season of the year. Those who have it will have to floss it and those who don’t have it will want to enhance it. Whether you have it or not, this is the best article for you to find the best and simplest beauty tips for you to rock your summer. There are obviously several ways of bringing out the best in you and enjoying summer, so read on to find out how you can mix and match any number of beauty tips in order to accentuate your look this summer.

  • Amazing full hair

There is nothing like the beauty of 100% thick wavy hair flowing down your back. With full thick hair, you can easily complement your look by adding a dash of lipstick, a dab of mascara and your colorful jumpsuit. If you are a girly-girl who loves the beauty of feeling like they are on top of the world then having full 100% Brazilian virgin hair extensions will help you to achieve your goal.

  • Soulful and colorful eyes

Beauty, Beautiful eyes, turn headsGlam is all about how you handle and carry yourself. When it’s summer time, you have all the time in the world to beautify and make yourself pretty and very irresistible. A combination of the right colors of eye shadow will help you to achieve the max beauty effect. All you have to do is make your eyes pop by using real black mascara on your eyelashes. A long trusted classic look is the smoky eyes. Whether it’s summer or autumn, a girl can never go wrong with a smoky eye look.

  • Voluptuous lips

The promises of beauty and summer come from the promises of real fruits, red hot strawberries, and hearty pink watermelons. In order to be able to leave a long lasting impression of beauty and leave heads turning as you walk your way to the parks, this summer find the right lip color for you. Finding the right shade of lipstick will ensure that your skin tone shows beauty and your makeup is perfect.

  • Well done eyebrows

Thick bushy eyebrows are a big NO NO. Whether it’s winter or summer try and find time to give yourself the best of care by going for an eyebrow groom and care. Having well-cared for eyebrows can make a whole lot of difference to the meaning of summer beauty.

  • Flawless radiant skin tone

There are a whole lot of beauty products which you can use to leave your skin smooth and radiant. A healthy glowing skin in summer is a definite winner. Take care of your skin and it will take care of your summer.

  • Smooth waxed legs

We all know that summertime is the time for those sexy short little numbers that you worked so hard at the gym to lose weight for. To get the perfect legs for summer, you can shave them (this is a daily process) or simply have them waxed and enjoy wearing anything you want.

  • Hands and fingers of a Greek Goddess

beauty and nails, beautiful nails, manicureDry chubby hands are a big turn-off—more so in summer. You should have an appointment at the spa to help take care of your hands and then go home and take care of them as a maintenance procedure. The beauty about it is that It’s really simple. All you have to do is keep your hands well-oiled, hydrated and manicured and you will be fine.

  • Healthy Manicured Feet

Let’s admit it, we love summer because this is the season to walk barefoot on the sand and wear as many stylish flip flops as possible. This can only be possible with healthy feet. You most definitely can’t afford being the subject of discussion and ridicule simply because you neglected your feet. Have your feet treated, manicured and well-oiled and you won’t have to be self-conscious in open shoes.

  • A zest of Confidence on your step

Some people talk the talk and others simply walk the walk. When it’s time for summer, you have to exude a certain level of confidence. Be in charge, be in control, walk tall and firmly and make your stand known. If you have confidence in your stride, people around you are sure to notice and you sure won’t be spending summer alone, lonely and miserable, own it!

  • Million dollar face

A million dollar face is one that is well made up and doesn’t have anything screaming out for people’s attention. When you are a happy person, your face will show it. This is the best way for you to make sure that you stand out (in a good way) and enjoy your summer to the max.


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